Hi there.

If you’re wondering who’s behind this site, you’re in the right place.

It’s me, Sean Markey.

This is my little place to write about things things related to buying, building, growing, and selling websites.

I’m not really trying to sell you anything (so why go through the trouble of publishing this site?)

For me, writing helps me clarify my thoughts, and gives me an excuse to dig in to other sites, see what other smart people are doing, analyze that, and share. Also: a lot of what I’ve learned over the years has come from the generosity of other people sharing with me (both in private conversations and through public articles, so you could call this some kind of giving back).

Also, when I do have something to sell I’ll definitely write about it here.

So Who Am I and Why Should You Care What I Have to Say?

I mean, who ELSE are you gonna listen to?

A quick history of me and my qualifications:

I’ve been learning SEO the hard way since 2008. In 2013 when I left my job as a special ed teacher, I was hired as a junior SEO at a small SLC marketing agency. I eventually decided to start my own agency in 2014 and that… didn’t go very well. I’m not good with client work.

But it took me a long time to really understand that, so once I gave up on trying to run my own agency I was hired by Travis Jamison at SupremacySEO (now SmashDigital.com) to help run his small SEO agency. It was a great place to work and a learned a TON of shit about SEO there. In early 2019 I struck out on my own again to try my hand at building affiliate sites. This went much better and since that time I’ve built/bought/sold six-figure sites multiple times.

These days I spend my time leading a small but fierce team that publishes a portfolio of websites. I also publish a weekly paid newsletter that highlights the best SEO expiring domains at auction each week. You can check that out here: sem.substack.com.

A Quick Bio:

I live in the SE Utah desert–near Arches National Park on five acres of tumbleweed. When not publishing sites and writing newsletters I enjoy writing fiction and playing the drums (very very well). My dream is to own a publishing house and a record label.

Catch me on twitter @seanmarkey