content that ranks

Content That Ranks

If an article gets published but no one ever reads it, does it even really exist?

– SEO Proverb (author unknown)

My Name is Sean, and I’m super good at optimizing content.

In the last two years I’ve sold over $750k, worth of affiliates sites (and made a bunch in affiliate income each month while those sites were live) by doing two things:

  1. Acquiring websites and domains for the purpose of SEO, and
  2. Optimizing the absolute shit out of my money content

Any good SEO will tell you that yes, there’s a lot of nuance when it comes to ranking well in the search engines, but the two things that matter most are content and links.

I never did much in the way of link building, but my content was always amazingly optimized.



Never TOO optimized.

As with all things in life, it’s about balance, and I can balance making a piece of content as optimized as it needs to be without sacrificing quality.

So why should you care?

Because for the first time ever, I am working with other people to optimize THEIR content. YOUR content.

.jpeg of Heath Ledger as The Joker saying “if you’re good at something, never do it for free” picture it in your head instead of me showing it, so Warner Bros. Entertainment doesn’t sue me

Here’s the Offer:

Step 1.

You give me the URL of a piece of content that needs to be optimized

Step 2.

You pay $299 one-time for this work to be done–super straightforward

Step 3.

My team and I will optimize the content and make sure on-page SEO is in order

Step 4.

You get the optimized content back and put it on your site (or we can for an additional fee)

If you don’t know what piece of content to pick and what keyword to target, it’s all right, I’ll totally look your site over and help you come up with a plan.

I’ve had good results with this so far…

Like I said, on my own sites I’ve had great results.

I reached out to a few friends to see how it would work on their site–a kind of test run for this service. I was impressed with some of the results:

That was for a SaaS-related keyword.

I started tracking the position a day before I pushed the optimized content live. Obviously not every results will be this quick, and not every result will go up, but in general I’ve seen good outcomes with optimizing content.

Who is this service a good fit for:

Affiliate sites with valuable money pages that could use a good optimization

Legit businesses that write a lot of info-related content to attract customers, but don’t rank well

SEO agencies that build links for clients, but wish the content was better optimized on the pages they’re building links for

Site owners/operators who understand the ABSOLUTE VALUE of going through and optimizing all their content, but just don’t have the time.

What do you actually do?

I don’t mind telling you exactly what, because there’s really an art AND a science to it.

First we make sure that your site and the page/post itself is a good fit for this service. Sometimes, for various reasons, it’s not! And we’ll let you know so we don’t waste your money and our time.

Next, we do a little keyword research to get the best form of the keyword you’re targeting.

Then we look at the intent of the results currently ranking for this keyword, to make sure THAT is a good match.

Finally, we use a few different tools to optimize the content, while still making sure it reads as high quality and NOT SEO stuffed.

We take the work of optimizing content off your hands because you’re either too busy growing your business and doing a thousand other things, or because it’s just not in your wheelhouse.

Ready to get started?

You’ve got two options

1. Book a call with me to see if this service is a good fit for you/your site/your agency

2. Go ahead and pull the trigger on this service, and I’ll be in touch ASAP after you submit the info

Any other questions?

Click here to be taken to the contact page.

Anticipated Questions:

Q: Can’t I just put my content into Surfer and save $299 per article?

A: Yes, good luck.

Q: How much will the content change? Will you rewrite a bunch of it?

A: Not really (and never without talking to you first). I know a lot of companies go through a thorough review process before content gets published. If we end up needing to rewrite a significant amount the page is not a good candidate for this service (we call that being “no longer in the scope of this offering”).

Q: What if my page DOES need a bunch of rewriting and I want you to rewrite it?

A: I’m working on a separate offering for that. It’s gonna be so sexy, you’re gonna get SUCH a piece of content as you’ve never even dreamed of…

Q: Can you upload these to the site for me? I’m busy.

A: Yes, for a small extra fee we got you covered.

Q: What on-page stuff will you do?

A: We’ll make sure your meta data doesn’t suck, that you have other optimized stuff on the page (images, external links), we’ll do a quick internal link audit and tell you where to add a strategic internal link or two–or if you opted to have us do it for you, then we’ll just go in and do all this stuff ourselves like magic.