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If you found this page (through my newsletter, I’m guessing), you probably don’t need a big introduction to who I am. But here’s a small one, just in case:

I’ve been doing SEO since 2011. I got really good at aged domains, optimizing content, and building a few but powerful links to rank my sites. I’ve built and sold over $750,000 worth of affiliate sites, so I know what I’m talking about.

I have made expensive mistakes. I have learned valuable things.

With all of my own sites I’ve ranked, there is a process:

  • a clean site
  • well optimized
  • with steady backlinks

SEO is, in theory, pretty simple.

Have a clean site, well-optimized content, and get consistent links.

But anything sounds simple when you break it down into its smallest parts.

Just throw the ball to the open receiver.

Just fly the plane from one city to the next and land it safely.

Just remove part of the skull to alleviate the brain hemorrhage.

Good SEO isn’t brain surgery.

But if you don’t know what you’re doing in both cases you’re going to fail.

Rank Boost Isn’t Like Other SEO Solutions

These are the SEO strategies I pursue for my own sites.

This isn’t a one-stop-shop for digital marketing. This isn’t a large team you’ll get lost in.

It’s just me and the same small group I ranked all my affiliate sites with offering you the same thing we’ve been doing for several years now.