The Best SEO Newsletters To Read and Subscribe to in 2023

If you’re this, there’s a good chance you came to this page via The Weekly SEO.

Recently, I acquired The Weekly SEO newsletter from Andrew Charlton. That SEO newsletter has been rolled into my SEO Newsletter called Rank Theory.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from my SEO newsletter:

  • Every Monday I’ll send a highly-curated, human-written email containing the most important SEO news from the past week summarized, analyzed, and synthesized for your quick reading and understanding. It’s truly search news you can use.
  • Every Thursday I’ll send a deep dive, longform SEO essay on a particular topic—usually something SEO experts are actively doing, where I break it down and show you how it work, WHY it works, what you can take away for your own websites or projects.

So if you came here looking for The Weekly SEO, sign up for the newsletter here, I guarantee you won’t regret it:

    I want to write a useful article here for you outside of just “sign up to Rank Theory and what used to be The Weekly SEO, it’s the tops,” so I’ll also talk about the Best SEO newsletters I’ve read.

    Here we go.

    Are you tired of scouring the internet for the most effective SEO tips and strategies, only to find outdated advice or to end up on a shitty forum where “internet marketers” are trying to sell you a can’t-miss link building strategy or some shit looking SEO tools that guarantee bulletproof backlinks and how-to-guides that’ll have beginners ranking on page one right away, surviving any and all future Google algorithm updates?

    Yeah, you and everybody else.

    But imagine hearing from a GENUINE SEO expert every week telling you about absolutely cutting-edge SEO tactics, sharing knowledge about content marketing trends, the latest algorithm updates, and other insightful SEO observations delivered right to your inbox. That kind of helpful promise is why I’m putting this list together of the best SEO newsletters. Read these newsletters for a ticket to higher search rankings, smarter link building, and more organic traffic (you know… if you put in the work. Nothing is a magic bullet).

    So that’s the promise of SEO newsletters. Now I’ll share which ones are the best and why you should consider signing up.

    Top SEO Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2023

    Here’s the quick list if you’re looking to just explore the news letters straight away:

    When it comes to selecting an SEO newsletter to subscribe to, there are plenty of choices. Here are some of the best options out there:

    Rank Theory by Sean Markey

    Well I admit I’m somewhat biased here, but my newsletter Rank Theory is the best SEO newsletter. You should consider signing up for it right now:

      Why is it great?

      Every week you’ll get two emails:

      1. A weekly update of every important thing from the last week, highly-curated by me, a genuine SEO expert, where each article is summarized and the most important takeaway is highlighted–also by me, a human and not an AI; and
      2. A deep dive into a tactic, a topic, or just a terribly helpful tip or trick (that alliteration is just a taste of the amazing writing you can look forward to). A recent email was an essay on how Canva is ranking for every single color you can possibly think of.

      Here is that Canva deep dive so you can see the kind of content you’re missing by not signing up (for free!):

      best seo newsletters

      So that’s the end of the hard sell.

      Here are some other amazing newsletters that aren’t run by ME, the author, Sean Markey

      SEO Notebook by Steve Toth

      The SEO Notebook Newsletter by Steve Toth is a weekly email newsletter that delivers unconventional SEO tips in a concise format designed to help improve your SEO game. The newsletter is trusted by SEOs from companies like Hubspot, Vimeo, and Ahrefs, and has over 15,000 subscribers. Steve Toth is an SEO expert who shares his notes and insights on SEO strategy through his newsletter, website, and YouTube channel.

      A brief bio of Steve:

      Steve Toth is a renowned SEO Consultant partnering with growth-oriented companies globally. His insightful strategy notes, emailed weekly, make him a reliable source for over 15,000 subscribers of Previously, Steve served as the full-time SEO Manager at FreshBooks until February 2020 when he transitioned to a consultancy role following a stellar performance that included ranking #1 for a 300,000 search keyword and multiplying organic traffic fivefold within a year. His efforts contributed to the team’s recognition as the Best In-House SEO Team at the 2020 Canadian Search Awards.

      Steve adopts a selective approach when choosing clients, emphasizing compatibility and high success potential. His primary clientele comprises growth-stage SaaS and e-commerce companies seeking scalable channels. A people-oriented professional, Steve takes great pride in prioritizing his clients’ interests and consistently going above and beyond in his services.

      You can subscribe to SEO Noteboook here.

      Growth Memo by Kevin Indig

      Growth Memo is a newsletter by Kevin Indig, a growth expert and SEO specialist. Here’s what the newsletter is about, according to the landing page:

      The Growth Memo is a weekly email about SEO and Growth. Think about it as an essay about fresh, new ideas on growing companies at unicorn speed.

      A brief bio of Kevin:

      After 5 years on the agency side, Kevin moved from Germany to Silicon Valley in 2014 and built the professional services team in the US for Searchmetrics. He has consulted for companies like eBay, Yellow Pages, Columbia Sports,, and Pinterest.

      In 2016, Kevin joined French startup Dailymotion as Director of SEO and left the company when it got acquired by Vivendi. Shortly after, Kevin joined Atlassian to grow organic traffic to Atlassian’s wide portfolio of products (Jira, Trello, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc.) and worked his way up to lead the technical SEO team.

      Ready to step into his next box, Kevin joined G2 as VP SEO & Content in 2019 where he led a team of 35 writers and SEOs and doubled organic traffic within 2 years.

      In 2020, Kevin moved to Chicago and got the offer to run SEO as Director of SEO at Shopify, where he led a team of 25 SEOs across technical, experimentation, content, and offsite. He also started angel investing in what is now a portfolio of over 12 startups across all areas of Tech.

      You can subscribe to Growth Memo here.

      SEO For Lunch by Nick Leroy

      SEO For Lunch is a weekly newsletter by Nick Leroy, an SEO expert and consultant. The newsletter is designed to provide quick and actionable SEO tips that can be consumed during your lunch break. Each issue of the newsletter includes three SEO tips, news updates, and links to relevant articles and resources. The tips cover a range of topics, including on-page optimization, link building, keyword research, and more. The newsletter is ideal for busy SEO professionals who want to stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and techniques. SEO For Lunch has over 5,000 subscribers and is published every Tuesday.

      A brief bio of Nick:

      Nick LeRoy is a St. Paul, Minnesota-based freelance SEO consultant, podcaster, and newsletter author. With a specialization in SEO strategy, technical SEO, editorial strategy, and website migrations, he offers his expertise through his firm, Nick LeRoy Consulting. Nick also authors two SEO-centric newsletters: #SEOForLunch and The SEO Freelancer. In addition, he owns, a boutique job board dedicated to the SEO industry.

      You can sign up for SEO For Lunch here.

      SEO Fomo by Aleyda Solis

      SEO Fomo is a newsletter by Aleyda Solis, an internationally recognized SEO consultant and speaker. The newsletter is designed to help SEO professionals and marketers stay up-to-date with the latest SEO news, trends, and best practices. Each issue of the newsletter includes a roundup of the latest SEO news and updates, as well as tips and insights from Aleyda’s own experience.

      A brief bio of Aleyda:

      Aleyda Solis is a celebrated international SEO consultant, blogger, author, and speaker. As the founder of her company, Orainti, she offers award-winning SEO services. She is the author of the Spanish SEO book “SEO. Las Claves Esenciales” and the curator of #SEOFOMO, a leading SEO newsletter with over 25,000 subscribers.

      Notable recognitions include being named the European Search Personality of the Year in 2018, one of the 10 Most Influential SEO Experts of 2022 by USA Today’s List Wire, and featuring in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Hubspot lists of top marketing specialists and influencers.

      Aleyda boasts 15 years of SEO experience working with companies from Europe, America, and Latin America. Through Orainti, she has aided diverse companies, from startups to multinationals, in augmenting their organic search visibility and meeting their SEO objectives.

      In addition to her work with Orainti, Aleyda is a co-founder of Remoters, a platform providing resources for remote working professionals. She is also a respected educator in the field, teaching at Pompeu Fabra University, KSchool in Madrid, and ISDI Masters. Aleyda holds an E-Commerce Master from the University of Salamanca and is a systems engineer by training.

      Search News You Can Use by Marie Haynes

      Search News You Can Use is a weekly newsletter by Marie Haynes, an SEO expert and consultant. The newsletter is designed to help SEO professionals and marketers stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates in the search industry. Each issue of the newsletter includes a roundup of the latest search news, as well as insights and tips from Marie’s own experience. The newsletter covers a range of topics, including algorithm updates, Google Search Console, link building, and more. Additionally, the newsletter includes a Q&A section where Marie answers questions from subscribers. Search News You Can Use is published every Friday

      A brief bio of Marie:

      Dr. Marie Haynes, an acclaimed SEO industry leader since 2008, is revered for her grasp of Google’s Search Algorithms and her ability to articulate optimization strategies to business owners. Known for her contributions to Search Engine Land and other authoritative SEO publications, she is a trusted resource for many in the industry. She provides valuable insights through her weekly SEO newsletter and bi-weekly podcast.

      Highlighted in The Atlantic’s article “The Open Secret of Google Search,” Marie’s expertise is acknowledged as crucial to understanding Google’s search algorithms. Primarily focusing on the aspects of quality favored by Google’s algorithms, she has successfully improved the Google search performance of numerous websites, from small family-owned businesses to large, nationally recognized brands.

      Benefits of Subscribing to an SEO Newsletter

      If you’re looking to improve your website’s visibility on search engines, subscribing to an SEO newsletter can prove to be a valuable asset. Here are some of the benefits of receiving regular updates in your inbox:

      SEO newsletters are a convenient way of staying up-to-date with the latest industry news, algorithm updates, and changes. Search engines like Google are constantly evolving, and keeping pace can be challenging. By subscribing to an SEO newsletter, you ensure that you never miss out on anything important.

      A good SEO newsletter will offer practical advice and strategies for improving your rankings and driving traffic to your site. Many newsletters feature expert tips on content marketing, case studies, real-world examples, and helpful links that can help you get ahead in your niche.

      Of course, some may argue that there’s already enough information available online about SEO, rendering newsletters redundant. However, while there are many excellent blogs, podcasts, and video resources out there – not to mention social media – newsletters have a unique advantage in that they curate the most important content for you. You don’t have to go searching for it!

      You can think of an SEO newsletter is like having a personal trainer for your website. Sure, you could read fitness articles online or watch YouTube videos to learn new exercises, but if you really want results, having someone guide you through a personalized plan makes all the difference.

      General SEO Newsletters

      I’ve already covered my favorite newsletters, which are those driven by individuals rather than companies. But that’s not to say that company-led SEO newsletters aren’t valuable. Here are some of my faves in that category:

      The Moz Top 10

      This newsletter curated by Moz features the ten most essential SEO articles, links to valuable resources, and content marketing insights published each week. It’s a fantastic way to get a quick overview of what’s been happening in the industry.

      Search Engine Land Newsletter

      This daily newsletter is packed with news, tips, and advice on algorithm updates, content marketing, and link-building strategies for keeping your website optimized. You’ll also find updates on Google algorithm changes, the latest SEO strategy from seasoned SEO professionals, and other industry developments.

      The SEJ Daily Newsletter

      Search Engine Journal is one of the premier sources of SEO content online, and their daily newsletter offers insights into the latest trends and strategies. Expect to find expert commentary, case studies, and more. Moreover, the SEO professionals at SEJ will occasionally send out curated campaign suggestions to help you optimize your efforts.

      Some argue that general SEO newsletters may not be specific enough for certain businesses or industries. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that they offer crucial insights into the industry as a whole. Though they may not be tailored to specific niches or industries, their information can still be adapted by professionals.

      Here are a few statistics that back that up:

      • According to a survey conducted in 2022, 71% of digital marketers believe that regular access to well-curated SEO newsletter content helps them stay updated with industry trends and best practices.
      • The same survey revealed that 62% of respondents prefer to receive their SEO updates through newsletters as opposed to social media or blog posts.
      • A study published in 2021 indicated that by subscribing to and reading relevant SEO newsletters, marketers reported an average increase of 23% in their organic search traffic within a year.

      Which SEO Newsletters Do You Subscribe To?

      That wraps up my Best SEO Newsletters post. I hope you found something amazing to subscribe to.

      If there’s a newsletter you love and that you want to see on the list, reach out to me and let me know. I’m always on the look-out for more amazing things to read.

      Just head over to the contact page to get in touch.

      Thanks for reading!