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If you’re still reading this page, here are a few things that might interest you AKA here are some tasty offers for smart SEOs:

First: Aged Domains For Sale

I’m currently selling a bunch of aged domains. I bought them from a guy–don’t worry about it. They’re legit: aged, nicely relevant, and up until a few weeks ago, were live with content and etc.

There were 700 of them, and hosting was LITERALLY FIGURATIVELY killing me, so I nixed it, and now just the domains are for sale.

If you’re in the market for some affordable af aged domains, check out what I’ve got for sale here. No pressure.

Second: An SEO Community

Warning, this thing is not for everyone, but I started a community with Jacky Chou (@Indexsy on Twitter) called Advise. It’s dope. A bunch of SEO sharp-shooters talking about what’s working and helping each other out. I always say you’ll find people there discussing NOW the cutting edge (and fairly grey hat) shit that you’ll eventually hear your favorite SEO talking heads tweeting about in 18 months.

If that sounds intriguing, you can join here (skip the application process–clearly you’re a genius for signing up to my newsletter and I’d love to connect with you).

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