This is the Story of An SEO Newsletter…

Sometimes you can learn a lot of SEO tips by reading the newsletter of someone that’s made a lot of stupid, stupid, stupid… stupid mistakes. That’s the value proposition here. I’ve done a lot of dumb things, but I can share a lot of wisdom from it/

And every once in a while I do a stupid thing that turns out to be brilliant. I guess that’s also the value prop…

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On his yacht… in the marina.


But seriously:

Am I trying to imply that I’m as good at writing SEO Newsletters as Heath Ledger was as acting?

Also yes.

But I’m actually seriously:

I love writing about SEO. It keeps being my lowest priority because there’s so much other paid work to do.

Could I make a whole career out of being The SEO Newsletter Guy, giving you amazing insights and jaded SEO rants with world-class old-man energy?

I think so.

So, sign up. Be entertained. Learn an SEO thing.

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Here are some nice things people have said about me to convince you that I’m worth it, let me work it

Sean is one of the few people I keep in touch with privately about all things SEO. There aren’t as many people obsessed about staying on top of what’s working as him.

Glen Allsopp,

There are only a small handful of newsletters that I ALWAYS read, and Sean’s Rank Theory is definitely one of them

Travis Jamison, Smash Digital

Sean’s Rank Theory is a must read. Sean’s personality shines with his rants that make you think he’s your beer drinking buddy… and then he switches over and delivers some of the best resources and advice in the SEO industry. Stop reading this and just subscribe.

– Nick LeRoy, SEO For Lunch

“There are people that know a metric fuck ton about domains and SEO. And then, standing above them like Batman looking down on Gotham, there is Sean Markey.”

– Taylor Pearson,

Inspiring stuff.

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