SEO Domain Broker

If you’ve got a domain name that has existing authority (age, a backlink profile, hopefully ranking for some keywords) and you’re looking to sell it for what it’s worth: I can help. I’ve got an audience hungry for names like these.

Sell your domain or website (that has SEO authority)

WTF is an SEO Domain Broker?

Shit, IDK. It’s a thing I just made up.

#Branding #BrandYourself #ALLwordsAreMadeUp

And before you go and check, I just registered the .com, so don’t even try.

A traditional domain broker is gonna try and sell your high value domain name–valuable because it’s a common word, or a short word, or a hundred other reason it could be valuable.

But me, I just want to sell your name that has a bunch of links, that used to be a website for 10 years, and is maybe ranking for a bunch of keywords.

So that’s an SEO domain broker.

How can I help you sell an SEO domain?

I’ve been messing around with what we NOW call “aged domain” or “expired domains” since like 2014. I’m an SEO expert with a domain name addiction. I’ve developed a very narrow expertise around finding, rebuilding, and selling domains with existing authority.

I’ve also written a lot about them, so I have amassed a following of people doing similar things.

And *EVERYONE* is always looking for their next domain to acquire.

So the value prop here is: I have an email list of very interested buyers.

I can put your name (if it’s good) in front of a bunch of people like

What kind of domains am I looking for?

Send me your names using the form below if they:

+ Have authority (Ahrefs/Moz/Semrush authority numbers generally above 10 are interesting)
+ Have backlinks going to them–the more authoritative OR niche relevant the better
+ Are ranking for keywords relevant to the niche of the domain (this is the golden ticket)

I’m not willing to say “only DR 50 and up” or something, because a DR 13 domain, hypothetically ranking for 1,000 keywords is more valuable than a DR 55 ranking for 0.

If you’re a domain broker representing a name that’s heavy on the SEO send me a message. I’m down to collab.

What’s in it for ME (sean)


I take a very industry-standard 15% to bring you a buyer.

I’ll act as broker on the transaction through and help handle all the logistics around transferring the domain + website.

I’ll move the domain to the buyer and the money to your account like the world’s most handsome, most dangerous shepherd.

What if my domain has a website attached?

EVEN BETTER. I will totally sell that shit for you, and you’ll most likely get a better price than just a domain (in general).

Here’s how we get started:

You just fill out the form below and then I’ll be in touch

If it’s a good fit, we can start talking deal terms (price, is the website included, etc).

If it’s a bad fit I’ll hit you back with a “sorry, dawg,” and no hard feelings. I only want to bring my audience the names I think will have a legit shot at selling.

Here are some things that (individually or combined) make a name a good fit:

+ is it indexed?
+ does it have a site + content on it that’s included in the sale?
+ is it ranking for a bunch of keywords
+ does it have a bunch of backlinks from big authority sites (NYTimes, etc)?
+ does it have a bunch of backlinks from sites in the same niche?

Here are some things that are probably a deal breaker

+ not indexed (total dealbreaker)
+ domain has been without a site for longer than, like, six months
+ domain was redirected to another site for the past 10 years and then it expired and you bought it

That’s basically it.

Hit me back via the form below–be sure to answer all the Qs.

Any questions? Just send me a note here: sean @ this website.

Site included? Ranking for KWs? What have you been up to with the site/why are you selling etc.