Maybe You Need A Fractional Director of SEO

Get high-level help directly from me, Sean Markey, to help you grow your business.
This is perfect for entrepreneurs with some traction, but not yet to a place where they can afford a full-time director of SEO.

Here’s what’s on offer

I’ll advise you on all things SEO.

+ Need to know which keywords to focus on? I got you.
+ Need to know what kind of content you should be writing to grow your organic traffic? I GOT YOU.
+ Got a link building agency working for you but you’re not sure if it’s worth? I’ll TELL you.
+ Want to put together a quarterly SEO strategy so you know where to focus? I’ll strategize with you.

We can chat day-to-day via a private Slack group for any quick one-off questions you have.

We can hop on a quick call if you need to chat, check-in, go over things

I’ll do some of the high-level work myself.

+ Need some KW research done? It’s DONE.
+ Need some help setting up an AI content strategy? Done-zo.
+ Need some quick research about how a competitor is getting links so you can get some too? done-done-DOOOOOONE
+ Need a quick site audit to help identify a problem? It’s done, what did you even expect?

There are some things I will not do.

+ Write all your content myself.
+ Build links/do outreach.
+ Optimize content via Surfer or some tool.
+ etc.

Think of me in a more managerial/advisory role. I’ll get my hands dirty on some of the 30,000 ft view stuff, but I’m not your new Junior SEO. 🙂

Who is this service for (and specifically not for)?

This service is for you if:

+ you have been doing OK with general marketing knowledge but you’re ready to step it up on the SEO front.
+ you have a team that’s been doing OK posting content and stuff, but they could use some direction.
+ you’ve made it this far not focusing on SEO at all, but now you need to and don’t know where to start.
+ your site has been successful IN SPITE OF your lack of SEO, but you’re starting to lose ground in the SERPs.
+ you are in over your head and you need someone who is 100% on your side to help you out
+ your site is completely unoptimized and you don’t know what to focus on.
+ you’ve written a bunch of content but nothing seems to be ranking

…and so on.

This service is NOT for you if:

+ you have an amazing SEO team and you’re firing on all cylinders.
+ you rank for everything you want to and things are going great!
+ you have a huge team and you’re just going to stick me with one of your managers that is never going to listen to my ideas…

How does it work, and what does it cost?

You just fill out the form below, pay the money, and I’ll be in touch.

In the very unlikely event you read all this and we’re not actually a great fit for someone reason, I’ll let you know up front and I’ll immediately refund your payment.

Once we start working together, I’ll be in touch with a form for you to fill out that will give me all the info I need to get started. I’ll send you the link for the Slack (if you want it–not mandatory), and then I’ll get to work digging into your site and finding things to address.

This is a monthly, recurring service. It costs $1,000/mo, and I’ll work my ass off to give back way more than that in value.

Don’t yell at me if you thought this was a one-off thing (true story that happened!).

You can cancel anytime–but I hope you’ll at least commit to three months if you sign up. This shit takes a little while to see the pay-off, and I’ll be able to focus on yelping you fully instead of constantly trying to get someone new in the door.

There are only 10 spots–my time is not infinite. Once those spots are booked they are GONE.

If you miss out this time, I’ll give a shout in my newsletter when/if a new spot opens up. so keep your eyes open if that’s the case.

Any questions? Just send me a note here: sean @ this website.

Fill Out This Form To Sign Up:

Price: $1,000.00
billed monthly, until canceled