Looking for an SEO Partner?

SEO is expensive, but if you’ve got the goods we might be a good fit to partner up, and deliver world-class SEO for nothing out-of-pocket.

Do you own something valuable?

An Ultra-premium domain name:

A one-word, absolutely category-killer domain

A domain that is just BEGGING for an absolutely stellar site to be built on it

A domain that, if you whisper it to someone in the industry, their eyes light up and they say “holy shit,” they just can’t help themselves it’s just THAT kind of name.

Bonus points if it gets a lot of type-in traffic or has a bunch of links to it already.

A site getting a ton of traffic

If you’ve got a domain name that used to be something else and still gets a ton of traffic, that’s what we’re looking for.

Whether the site is fully built out, or it’s just a shell of its former self, all we want to know is: how many visits is it getting per day/per month?

If you have a site–even if it isn’t monetized–but it’s getting a tone of traffic, let’s talk.

A business generating profit

If you have a mediocre domain but it’s actually a business or service or a website making money–let’s ALSO talk.

It doesn’t really matter what industry or how it’s monetized (service, ecom, affiliate, dropship, ads, whatever!)

We want to chat if you have a service make four figures a month or more.

What We Can Offer You

Top-tier SEO, I’m talking keyword research, reverse engineering competitors, bulletproof strategy, content marketing, CRO audits, funnel fixes–the works!

We have worked in some of the toughest, ass-kickingest niches, like CBD, gambling, vapes, cannabis, VPN, and so on.

We’ll take your site and grow it to the moon–not the moon but the planets–not the planets but… you get it. Big growth.



What Does This Cost?

NOTHING in life is free.

If we’re going to set our hearts and souls on fire to help grow your site, we need a piece of the action.

We’ll be generous, and there’ll be room to negotiate until everyone is happy, but in exchange for the work we’ll be expecting to own a piece of the biz, or to be entitled to future profits.

Every deal is different, let’s talk and see if we’re a fit (look for the form below)

There are no dumb questions, but just in case…

Do you invest in companies?

No, we are not trying to fund your pre-revenue startup or anything… we are providing work and knowledge in return for equity, not money.

How do you make sure everyone is protected?

We’ll hammer out a deal that everyone is happy with, and then have some LAWYERS write it all up in legal jargon and then everybody signs.

If I think of more questions or if people ask them I’ll write more stuff here–that’s all for now though!

You can cancel anytime–but I hope you’ll at least commit to three months if you sign up. This shit takes a little while to see the pay-off, and I’ll be able to focus on yelping you fully instead of constantly trying to get someone new in the door.

There are only 10 spots–my time is not infinite. Once those spots are booked they are GONE.

If you miss out this time, I’ll give a shout in my newsletter when/if a new spot opens up. so keep your eyes open if that’s the case.

Any questions? Just send me a note here: sean @ this website.

Submit Your Biz Here:

Everything will remain FULLY confidential.

I ask for some ballpark numbers in the form below, but if it gets to a point where you need to share anything critical, I’ll sign an NDA to chat further.

I am NOT signing an NDA just to know what domain/biz you have before I know if it might be a good fit or not, so just don’t submit if that’s the case! 🙂

Any other Qs reach out sean AT this website dot com

if one than one just write about them below
(traffic #s, ballpark income, etc)