Aged Domains

Done For You AGED DOMAIN Buildouts

If you’re here reading this, I probably don’t have to convince you how amazing and effective it can be to build on an aged domain instead of starting from scratch.

But how do you best take advantage of all that existing authority?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could take your domain, do all the redirections needed to take full advantage of the link profile, and hand you back a site that’s ready for you to take the reigns and build something beautiful?


That’s exactly what I’m offering here.

Here’s How It Works

You’ve got an aged domain you’re excited to build upon, but aren’t sure where to start…

So you install WordPress and give me the login info + info about the niche you want to tackle.

My team and I will identify the most important, most valuable pages and make sure those pages take the fullest advantage of the backlinks. We’ll install redirects, we’ll rebuild some pages, and add content.

We’ll also give you a roadmap of what to do next, like:

  • what content to create
  • what silos to build out
  • and some best practices to stick to as you start building your new (old) site.

Who Am I, And Why Should You Trust Me With Your Aged Domain?

Fair point!

I’ve always been interested in domain names, but when I started buying domains that had an existing link profile and then BUILDING SITES on those names, the game kind of changed for me.

I’ve sold over $750,000 worth of affiliate sites built on aged domains. I’ve become an expert on everything from which domain to buy, how to 301 a site for the biggest power-up, and everything in between.

I’ve learned by doing.

I have learned all of this by making ten thousand mistakes.

I have been on a bunch of well-respected podcasts and blogs talking about winning at SEO through the use of aged domains and redirect SEO.

Here’s a super humble graphic I made to illustrate this.

So that covers the “what” and the “why,” let’s talk about the HOW….

Here’s What I Can Do For You:

The main difference between these two options is how much content your site has on it when we hand it back to you. Each option includes pricing for either AI content edited by a human, or 100% human-written content.

1. The Foundation

First, I’ll set up your site with all the 301 redirects needed to capture the existing authority.

Next, we’ll write the content needed to rebuild the most important pages. This will be new content, not simply copying the content from (which carries risk).

Once we have all the most important pages rebuilt with content, we’ll write some new content to really position your aged domain as a niche-expert on a specific topic.

When all the work is done, you’ll have:

  • a site with all the 301 redirects in place
  • rebuilt URLs of the pages with the most valuable backlinks in a way that bridges the site’s previous authority with your site’s focus (within reason)
  • about 20-30 posts/pages total

You can choose from human-optimized AI content or 100% human-written content:

Note: this does not include a domain. This is BYOD — bring your own domain.

2. Topical Coverage

This plan is for you if you’ve got more money than time and you just want to get back a completely built out site that’s an undeniable niche-authority. Your site will have:

  • 301 redirects in place
  • most important/most authoritative posts and pages rebuilt
  • enough content to cover most of a topical map of the most important few keywords you’re targeting (about 75 posts)

Note: this does not include a domain. This is BYOD — bring your own domain.

Here is a testimonial speaking to my general expertise when it comes to aged domains–not a specific testimonial of this service (just to be super clera):

Sean is my go-to resource of any intricate questions related to aged domains and SEO. Anytime I am thinking about buying up a competitor to merge into my main business, I ask Sean for his thoughts. He is a genius SEO!

Mushfiq Sarker, The Website Flip

If you have any questions about these options and which one is right for you–don’t even worry. You can send me a quick message or book a free, no-pressure call to talk about your specific situation:

Answers to Questions No One Has Asked Yet

Isn’t AI content risky?

Not necessarily. Google has said (whatever THAT’S worth) that well-written, actually helpful content is fair game.

Do you offer refunds?

No. We can’t unwrite that content, or unspend the time and energy and funds it costs to build out your site. Don’t buy if you’re unsure, I’m seriously.

That’s a lot of money just to build out a site, can’t I just do this myself?

Yeah man, go for it.

Do you guarantee traffic or success?

Absolutely no. There are about 10,000 different reasons something will or will not rank. We will deliver you a site that has the best possible chance to rank based on the 301 work and the content we’ll create. Everything else is out of my hands…

I don’t want to/don’t have the funds to buy this, do you offer any other services around aged domains?

Yes, stay tuned to the newsletter, I’ve got a few more things coming at you this or next month.